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Born in Athens, 1930. State Doctorate, Univ. of Paris, 1958. Professor, Univ. of Marseilles, 1958; Univ. of Thessaloniki, 1965; Univ. of Athens, 1969; Rector thereof, 1977. Member of the Academy of Athens, 1984. Visiting Prof. at several foreign universities and research centers. Member, honorary or corresponding member of several national or international academies. Author of several decades of philosophical volumes, half in Greek, half in French, partly in English.

        His research in systematic philosophy and in history of philosophy have led him to conceive of and internationally impose five new philosophical branches: (i) kairology ( he is internationally qualified as “ the philosopher of kairicity”); (ii) philosophy of art (under a completely new, genuinely philosophical, significance of the term, consequently wholely different from the one that had been recognized to it, 120 years ago, by  H. Taine); (iii) philosophy of Greek culture ( as a completely new hermeneutic evaluation of Greek philosophy, art and institutions); (iv) history of modern Greek philosophy ( the origins of which he has dated back to 1355, one whole century before the conventionally accepted date-1453); (v) philosophy of cosmic space. To the above achievements, one may add his important contribution to philosophy of music ( he himself is a very appreciated composer). At his personal seminar, which is still alive long after he became emeritus, more than one hundred doctoral theses, on subjects of his own specialization, have been elaborated.

        He holds several honor degrees from foreign universities, and other important distinctions, and has participated in hundreds of international philosophical conferences with papers and as invited speaker. He has created the Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum (CPGR/1966) as one of the activities of the Foundation for Research and Editions of Modern Greek Philosophy, of which he has been president ever since. He has also created the international philosophical review Diotima of which he has been the editor since 1973. He also has been since 1984 the editor of the international philosophical review Philosophia an official publication of the Academy of Athens.

    Besides his philosophical achievements, E. Moutsopoulos is a notable composer.